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Cleaning checklist

Rooms and spaces

  • Walls and roof. Vacuum walls with wallpaper in corners and by baseboards and cornices. Wash painted surfaces.
  • Floors, baseboards and thresholds. Clean*.
  • Windows. Take the windows apart. Wash the glass on both sides.
  • Carpentry by the windows and windowsills. Clean*.
  • Doors. Clean*.
  • Radiators and valves for ventilation. Clean*
  • Armature. Lamp globes are dismanteled and cleaned.
  • Wall sockets and power switches. Clean*. Warning! Eluttag och strömbrytare. Rengör*. Varning! Dessa kan bli strömförande vid kontakt med vatten.
  • Closets, cupboards and drawers including shelves. Clean* on in- and outside.
  • Cupboard doors. Clean*.
  • *


  • Stove. Pull out the oven. Clean* the sides and the back of the oven, the wall behind the oven, the floor and the sides of the cupboards. Clean* the hotplates and their edges, the oven and sheet metal cabinet.
  • Fridge and freezer. Turn off and defrost. Clean* on the in- and outside. Turn it on again when you are ready. Pull out the cupboards if possible. Clean* under and behind.
  • Cutting board. Clean* on both sides.
  • Kitchen fan. Clean* interiorly and exteriorly.
  • Kitchen sink, worktops and taps. Clean*.
  • *


  • Tile. Clean* from soap and lime deposit. Use appropriate descaler, for example acetum or vinegar.
  • Toilet, sink and bathtub. Clean*. Remove soap and lime deposit inside, on the sides and behind. Clean* under the bathtub.
  • Draining gutter. Clear and clean*.
  • Bathroom cupboard and mirror. Clean* shelves and walls. Polish the mirror.
  • Door. Clean*.
  • *Synonyms for the word clean is wash, scrub, swab, polish, brush, hose down, wipe, shine, rub, sweep, dust, vacuum. You may yourself decide which method is the most appropriate.



  • To remove stickers and similar.
  • To leave all equippment that was present in the residence when moving in, for example curtain fittings, blinds and similar.
  • *