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Foundation of Ultuna Student Housing

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Free residences

Apply for a residence in writing or through email. Remember to put down which room/apartment you are interested in, your name, membership of the student unions, and phone number. You can read more about the memberships at http://www.ultunastudentkar.se/ (Ultuna student union) and http://vmf.slu.se/index.php (student union of Veterinary medicine). If you haven’t started studying yet you can become a supportive member.
To apply for a residence you need to sign up for our housing queue. You can read more about our different types of residences under Our residences.

Send your application for a residence to:


Or SUSbo, Gälbovägen 66, 756 51 Uppsala

Vacant residences can appear in short time and at any time in the month. You have to check the site continously, every week, in order to not miss any residence.

If there is a date in parenthesis, that date is an alternative moving-in date. You are welcome to let us know which moving-date you are interested in in your application. 10 months rent means that June and July are rent-free.

After moving to an apartment or room in SUSbo's area, you may change contract once before being put last in the housing queue. If you forget to renew your place in the housing queue in May every year, you will also be put last in the housing queue. If you changes contract within SUSbo the period of notice is 2 months, instead of 3 months which is the case otherwise.