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Home insurance

For a better night's sleep - get a home insurance policy!

As a contract holder you are responsible for your new home. You are therefor liable to pay, should your residence be damaged. This is the case either if it is you, a member of your household or guests that have caused the damage. The responsibility is yours also when you are second hand leasing your residence. This is why you should get a home insurance policy.

The home insurance protects you if there is an accident. The insurance doesn't only cover damage on the residence, but also on your things in the residence or in storage spaces. Even if your clothes are destroyed in the washing house or if your bike is stolen, the insurance company will compensate you. It is, of course, especially important to be protected against fire, since you are also liable to pay damage for other people's properties.

A tip is to check out if your parents' home insurance policy covers your new residence. If that is not the case, compare different insurance companies. Do not sign up for the first one that comes your way, since there can be significant differences between policies. Make sure to compare prices and compensation. Some companies have special offers for students.

Take care of your residence and of yourself. Get a home insurance policy. Then you can feel free to keep inviting friends into your home.