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Second hand leasing

Tenants have the right to apply for second hand leasing. The application concerns leasing up to 6 months. SUSbo’s management assistant will decide in the matter. If you wish to lease your apartment for a longer period of time the application is forwarded to the CEO. Acceptable reasons for second hand leasing include studies in a different location or an interruption of studies. The second hand tenant must also be a student at SLU. A form for applying for second hand leasing can be downloaded HERE. Turn in or send the form to


Second hand leasing.rtf


Recycling facility and garbage

here is a garbage room/recycling facility in the courtyard. Information on the Swedish compulsory sorting of waste and rubbish is available in the Miljöstuga. Garbage must be carefully packed before being placed in bins in the recycling facility.


For more information



Is there no-one to talk to when SUSbo doesn’t listen? Do you have complaints regarding the service or is the rent too high? Do you have an idea you wish to share with the other tenants? Would you like to influence the environment in the area you live in? Contact your local residents’ association, the Residents’ council Ultuna at We are always looking for people interested in working in the association. Let us know!


Vintergatans kindergarten

SUSbo owns a kindergarten situated in the area. The kindergarten has 4 sections in an area of 916 square meters. The municipality rents the kindergarten from us, and is responsible for spot admission. If you would like to apply for a place at the kindergarten, please contact the municipality, phone number 018-727 000


The grill

Feel free to use the grills in the area, but please only use charcoal. If you use wood the heat might crack the grill.


Dog shower

In connection with the office on Gälbovägen 66 there is a dog shower.


Moving in

The breaking point for moving in/moving out is on the first weekday day at 12 pm.


For population register see Skatteverket



Broadband 100/100 Mbit/s are available in all our residences for a cost of 1200sek/year. For support and error report contact A3 or 0770-250 550 or Enter the name, address, apartment number (4 digits), telephone number and error description.


Union member

The apartment / room is rented as a temporary housing for students who are actively studying at the Swedish University of Agriculture and are also members of a SLUSS-affiliated union. Union membership is checked once per semester.


Parking & Storage

If you like to rent a parking space or storage contact the Housing office. You find the storages in the basment of house A. The parking spaces is located on three different places on Gälbo/Kronåsen. Parking spaces and storages are payed for monthly.


– Parking space without power supply is 1320 SEK/year
– Parking space with power supply is 2040 SEK/year
– Storage is 350 SEK/year


Study control

Every year, there is a study control of our residents. All residents are then obliged to present their study results to SUSbo. We will give you further instructions when the time has come for the yearly study control. You are to achieve at least 15 hp per term. If you recently have been accepted, it is your notification of acception you need to show us. You can email the results to


Union membership

The apartment/room is rented as a temporary housing for active students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Scienses that are members in any of the unions (Unions connected to SLUSS, for example Ultuna Student union or VMF). Union membership is checked once per semester. This goes for those who sign a contract after 2015-01-01


Well-being and regulations

The campus is the most densely populated with dogs in Sweden. We there for ask of our dog-owning tenants to show special consideration for other tenants. Special consideration is for example to:


– Not leave barking dogs in the apartment, disturbing other tenants in their studies.
– Not let your dog run up to pedestrians in the area. This is especially important as it concerns children.
– Remember that there are other animals in the area that are easily frightened of dogs.
– On weekdays, it should be quiet between 22.00-7.00 and on weekends 24.00-8.00.


TV channels

All living on campus have access to these TV channels:

– SVT 1
– SVT 2
– SVT 24
– TV 4
– TV 6
– Barn-/Kunskapskanalen


The laundry house


– Dogs are not allowed in the laundry house.
– Clean the area after every laundry time.
– Respect the laundry time.


Advice for cleaning when moving out

When you leave your room or apartment it should be thoroughly cleaned and in a well-kept state. Storage or other spaces that you have used shall be empty and cleaned. If you don’t clean yourself you need to make sure it is done by someone else. If the cleaning is not acceptable at inspection, we will have to charge you with the full cost of having the cleaning done. The checklist below will help you to fulfil the demands we have on the cleaning when moving out. If you live in a room you are also to clean other cupboards etc that you have used, for example in the kitchen. If you work by the checklist you can be reasonably sure that we will accept your efforts.


Checklist for cleaning



When you move out, there will be an inspection of the apartment/room. We will then inspect the state of the residence concerning interior design, furnishing and cleaning. Spaces that come with the apartment, for example storage and/or balcony shall also be empty and clean at inspection. If you have made big holes, for example to put up a shelf, you need to fill these with putty and sand paper and paint over these. Material can be retrieved in the office. Please let us know a couple of days ahead so that we can order the material. It is your responsibility to schedule a time for the inspection. You can do this in the office in house F. We encourage tenants to be present during the inspection.



All keys belonging to the room/apartment are to be returned to SUSbo’s office according to agreement. Remember that the tenant is responsible for the charge of lost keys.



If you are affected by vermin you shall contact Anticimex. It is your responsibility to report this to Anticimex, there will be no additional charges for you as a tenant.